Staff's Favourite Reads October 2022

Our lovely team are back with some more reviews and recommendations! Here’s what kept them all engrossed throughout the month of October.

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You Die When You Die by Angus Watson

Chosen by the Doveton Library Team

 The first novel in his “West of West” series,  this semi historical fantasy novel follows the tale of a group of villagers, whose village was founded and settled by Vikings.

As the title suggests the decendants of theses Vikings inherited the old world philosophy of their ancestors that has been passed down throughout the generations of their village.

After an incident that causes the destruction of their village and the slaughter of their families the survivors begin their grand journey west in search of safety all the while being pursued by those who seek their death.

Every step that these survivors take along their journey is filled with bloodshed, carnage and courageous deaths.

Watson’s continues to expertly weave together an epic saga for the reader to enjoy.

However the themes that present themselves throughout the novel are not all dark, as Watson balances out these themes with some lighter ones.

Through the eyes of the protagonist a young man by the name of Fin, the reader sees a harsh world within which an impossible journey is embarked upon with danger lurking around every corner.

The Quiz Masters by Brydon Coverdale

Chosen by Janine, Customer Experience Officer

I thoroughly enjoyed this book which highlighted the Australian history of watching quiz shows on TV since I was a child!

It’s fascinating to learn what goes on behind the scenes and about the tactics and pressure that the contestants have. Many memories of Sale of the Century, Pick a Box, Coles $6000 question, the Weakest Link etc.

Brydon is known as The Shark on The Chase and was recruited to become one of the many Chasers on this show. I do enjoy watching this show when I can and sometimes surprise myself at what I do know!

Brydon did a wonderful job of writing this book and I highly recommend it to trivia fans and fans of game shows generally, so many memories!

The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Dare

Chosen by Sandra, Branch Manager

This is a debut novel for this young writer, and it follows the story of a young Nigerian girl called Adunni and her search to have a ‘louding voice” A louding voice is a voice that is an educated, determined voice.

Adunni realises from a young age and from the determination of her mother that an educated girl will be an independent, free girl, something her mother has not had the opportunity, to be.

When her mother dies, Adunni’s traditional father sells her off as a child bride. This begins Adunni’s journey from yielding daughter, subservient child bride, and powerless servant to a bold woman with a voice to teach others
Despite Adunni’s situation going from bad to worse, she has a plan to escape she will find her ‘louding voice’ and get her education, so that she can speak up for herself – and all the girls who came before her.

Adunni will take you with her on a heart-breaking but inspiring journey from a small village to the wealthy enclaves of Lagos, and show you that no matter the situation, there is always some joy to be found in the people who support and try to protect her.

This book is in the first person and written in Adunni’s broken, uneducated English which gives it a beautiful naivete that is often heart felt. Despite the very grim circumstances Adunni endures, the book made me both cry and smile. Adunni will not be silenced. This book is also about the power of education. Once a girl has it, no one can take it away.

Paper Girls by Brian K Vaughan

Chosen by Emma, Customer Experience Officer

Since the TV series recently dropped people need to know about the source material, since it’s probably better. The book is always better, right?

Paper Girls is the story of four paper delivery girls who stumble across the most important story of all time in the early hours of Halloween 1988. This series has it all from suburban drama to supernatural mysteries to nostalgia to the confusing mess that results from time travel.

It is an excellently written story that will completely immerse you in the crazy world and adventures the girls find themselves in as they try to survive and return safely back to their own time while still trying to beat the bad guys, if they can figure out who is who, that is.

But it’s not just the brilliant writing of Vaughan that will have you unable to put down the book, but also the fantastic artwork of Cliff Chiang. It’s very 80’s and colourful. Throughout the series the girls learn a lot about themselves and each other and grow so much as people.

This is a good read for anyone who likes sci-fi and paranormal, Halloween hijinks or time travel.

Black Canary Breaking Silence by Alexandra Monir

Chosen by Emma, Customer Experience Officer

This is the story of a girl discovering the power her voice holds, both figuratively and literally.

At seventeen Dinah Lance cannot forget hearing the sound of a woman singing when she was just seven. But that is an impossible sound: in a Gotham City ruled by the Court of Owls, singing is forbidden to women. Even possessing CD’s is a sure way for a woman to be sent to Arkham Asylum.

With encouragement from the mysterious new student, Oliver Queen, Dinah realises that she wants to help other girls and women be heard and free them from the oppressive rule of the Court of Owls. And can Oliver really be trusted?

This is Handmaids Tale meets DC in a word where most of the superheroes have been killed or are in hiding. It is in this setting that we see new heroes and even a rogue step up and fill the void left by the fallen Justice League.

We see Dinah grow as she realises that her actions don’t just affect her alone and that sometimes it’s those closest to her who feel the consequences of her actions. The stakes are high in this coming of age story.