School Services and Resources


Casey Cardinia Libraries offer exclusive services to help schools take advantage of our extensive resources.

Our Children and Youth Services Team can provide the following services:

  • Membership information and organise Library Membership for students
  • Library staff visits to promote new books and reading 
  • Host information sessions for students including Library collections, online databases, searching the Library Catalogue and searching the Web
  • Organisational Memberships for classroom teachers
  • Library staff can provide books (fiction and nonfiction), graphic novels and magazines for recreational reading or classroom use
  • A visit to staff meetings to discuss our services with your teachers
  • Invitations to author visits at our Libraries

We welcome school groups to visit our Libraries for:

  • Library tours
  • As a part of their study of the broader community in the Civics and Citizenship learning domain
  • Our Local History Librarian, Heather Arnold offers a presentation to your school based on the Australian Curriculum tailored to your school and community.


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