access more than 3 million items

Inter-Library Loans / Purchase Requests

Casey Cardinia Libraries is part of the Swift Library Consortium, a co-operative network of libraries across Victoria and New South Wales.

The Swift Consortium gives you free access to more than 3 million items across 150 library branches in these states.

Best of all, you can request these items from any participating library.

There are a few things we’d like you to know before you start borrowing or request the library purchase an item. This will help ensure a smooth experience:

  • Before you request an item, make sure you check the catalogue to see whether it is already held in Swift, and if so, place a hold for it. These holds are free. If you have no luck finding your item, try clicking on the All Swift Libraries tab just below ‘Select an Action’.
  • Any item available on our catalogue is not considered an inter-library loan, and holds on these items will remain free of charge.
  • If you are unable to find it there, you can either request an inter-library loan through Library Link Victoria, or suggest that it be purchased.
  • We can only purchase items that are still in publication (usually no more than two years old), but only DVDs/CDs that have been released and are available in Australia. 
  • Any items requested in Library Link Victoria will incur a $5 charge if they are able to obtained from another public library.
  • In cases where items are only held by non-public libraries, additional charges may apply. These are imposed by the owning library and cost $16.50

For more information, please ask staff at your local library.