Our Board and Management Team

The Casey Cardinia Libraries Board determines policy and monitors performance. The Board meets at least four times a year with the position of Chair rotating

Our Board

Keri New
Manager City and Asset Planning
City of Casey

Miguel Belmar
City of Casey

Steve Coldham
Director of Community Life
City of Casey

Angie Peresso
Manager Active Communities
Cardinia Shire Delegate

Subsitute Delegates

Noelene Duff
Chair of Administrators
City of Casey

Our Management Team

Chief Executive Officer
Beth Luppino is responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of the Libraries and overseeing finances, administration and the delivery of the service, including the implementation of the annual Library Plan.

General Manager Finance
Emily Ramaswamy is responsible for managing the Libraries’ budget, accounts insurance and assets and the operation and physical development of library facilities.

General Manager, Organisational Development
Janine Galvin is responsible for the management, recruitment, support and training of all staff, as well as the information services team.

General Manager, Customer Experience and Strategy

Sue Brown is responsible for the strategic design and development of an innovative and customer focused library service. This includes responsibility for collection development, youth services, marketing, customer focused programs and events in addition to nurturing and developing exciting partnerships in support of our diverse community

General Manager, Digital Operations
Daniel Lewis is responsible for ICT, technology used by both staff and library members and visitors, as well as CCL’s involvement in the Libraries Victoria Consortia.

Board Minutes


February 2023 – Agenda 


November – Agenda | Minutes

October – Agenda | Minutes

August 2022 – Agenda | Minutes

June 2022 – Agenda | Minutes

April 2022 – Agenda | Minutes

February 2022 – Agenda | Minutes


November 2021 – Agenda | Minutes

October 2021 – Agenda | Minutes

August 2021 – Agenda | Minutes

June 2021 – Agenda | Minutes

April 2021 – Agenda | Minutes

February 2021 – Agenda | Minutes

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CCL Local Laws

CCLC Local Law No 1 – Meeting procedures and use of common seal

Regional Library Agreement

Casey Cardinia Regional Library Agreement


Casey Cardinia Libraries, as a Victorian Local Government entity, is governed by the Victorian Local Government Act 1989, and subsequent amendments. Casey Cardinia Libraries is specifically formed by a Regional Library Agreement, signed and sealed by the member council and gazetted by the Minister for Local Government, as per section 196 of the Local Government Act. Section 196 of the Act prescribes the sections of the Local Government Act that Casey Cardinia Libraries must specifically meet and follow.

Casey Cardinia Libraries, as a Local Government Entity incorporated under the Victorian Local Government Act 1989, is also subject to legislation enacted by the State of Victoria, and any Federal Legislation that either applies to or overrides Victorian legislation.