Inter-Library Loans & Purchase Requests

Casey Cardinia Libraries is a member of Libraries Victoria, a network of Victorian public libraries.  Libraries Victoria gives participating library’s members free access to more than 3 million items across 150 library branches in Victoria.

If you can’t find the item you want in the library catalogue (remember to also check the results under the “All Libraries” tab), you can request that we purchase it, or find it for you as an inter-library loan.

Inter-Library Loans Conditions
Any items requested via inter-library loan, that is a title that is not accessible through our library catalogue, will include a charge:

$5 if they are able to be found from another public library in Victoria
$30.30 if they are from a specialist library (standard Australian inter-library loan charge)

You can search Trove – the National catalogue, to see which libraries hold the title you are interested in.

To place an Inter-Library Loan request, please complete all the details in this form – Inter-Library Loan request

For more information, please ask staff at your library.

Purchase Request Conditions
We can only purchase items that are:

    • Requested by a CCL member
    • Still in publication and contain currently accurate content
    • DVDs that have been releases in, and are available in Australia
    • Suitable for our collection

Please complete all the details in this form – Suggestion for purchase*

*temporary pause on interlibrary loans. Find out more.