Click & Collect FAQs

How do I click and collect my holds?

Just visit your library with your library card and staff will collect, issue and present you with your holds.

When can I click and collect?

Libraries are open for Click and Collect between 10am and 4pm weekdays. Cardinia Mobile Library is back on their usual timetable for Click and Collect, with the exception of Saturdays – they will not be on the road on Saturdays.

Do I have to login to organise Click and Collect?

No, at this stage, once you are notified you have holds, you can go to the library to pick up your holds. However, if you want to have your holds home delivered, you still need to login at

What if I have holds already waiting?

If you are unsure if your holds have been sent yet, because you were waiting on some, or you couldn’t get home delivery, please contact the library on 1800 577 548 and staff will be able to confirm the current status of your holds.

Can I change my Home Delivery order to click and collect?

If your request has been made recently, please check with the library on 1800 577 548. Otherwise, you will receive your home delivery soon.

Which library do I collect my holds from?

Your holds notification will tell you which library your holds are waiting at. You can also confirm this by logging in to your card on the library catalogue (under ‘my account’) which will also tell you which library has your items.

What about quarantining?

Staff are following all government guidelines regarding the handling of library items, including strict hand hygiene. Wipes and sanitiser will be available to all members who are collecting holds from the library.