Sporty Reads

All sports for all kids

Specky Magee (Series)Specky Magee
By Felice Arena
Specky Magee is 12 years old and mad about Australian Rules Football, though no-one in his family ever comes to watch him play.

David Beckham Academy (series)
By David Beckham
Centers around students at a Football Academy.

I Want to be a Footballer
By Sally Carbon
Filled with footy facts, a potted history of the AFL, and the low down on every club in the AFL, this book combines fact and fiction to map the progress of young Dane from his first game of Aussie Rules footy all the way through to the National Championships.

boots and allBoots and All (Aussie Chomps Series)
By Sherryl Clark
Tony has two talents – drawing and playing football. His father is his footy team coach and wants Tony to try out for the regionals. Tony wants to attend a special cartooning workshop with his hero, Bren Tong. How can Tony do what he most wants without making his father angry?

Western Wildcats (Series)
By John Larkin
This series is all about soccer, but people who don't know anything about this sport will also enjoy the book as much as hardcore soccer fans.

Football Academy (Series)
By Tom Palmer
The story of the under twelve academy side at Premier League United. This series of six books follows different players at their soccer club

howzatToby Jones (Cricket Series)
By Michael Pankridge
Toby Jones is not your average cricket fan. It isn′t his passion for the game that makes him unusual - it′s his ability to travel through time, back to the great matches of the past.

Megs and the Vootball Kids (Series)
By Mark Schwarzer and Neil Montagnana
Edward "Megs" Morrison is a young boy who moves with his family from England to Australia and discovers how playing football fits in to a rugby, AFL and cricket obsessed country! Co written by Socceroo’s goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer.

Netball Dreamz (Series)
By Leeanne Vernon and Gillian Lee
Ever wanted something so badly you’d do anything?
Sally and Nat are desperate to play netball, but without breaking every rule in the book, that’s never going to happen.

maximum maxxMaxx Rumble
By Michael Wagner
Maxx Rumble Footy and Cricket series. Max loves to describe his sporting adventures and he's not afraid to exaggerate to make his stories that little bit more exciting.

Jasper Zammit Soccer Legend (Series)
By Johnny Warren & Deborah Abela Jasper Zammit is going to be a soccer legend. He can see the crowds roaring his name, can hear the commentators saying how fantastic he is and can see the soccer ball whizzing towards the goal....The only problem is that he needs to learn how to play first.