Read and write reviews


Want to help other readers find their next great read? Want to express your enjoyment or disappointment in a title? Here’s your opportunity.

ChiliFresh is an add-on, which allows users to post their own reviews to the appropriate catalogue record. Our catalogue has quite a few such reviews, some from our library users, but others from around the world, but there is always room for more.


Do a catalogue search for the title you want to read/write a review for. If the title has no existing reviews, a “Rate or review” link can be found at the bottom of the title summary in the search results. If reviews already exist, the link will be “[Number of] reviews.”

Add review

To read an existing review, click on the "[Number of] Reviews" link. The reviews will open up on the same screen, under the title being reviewed.


ChiliFresh review

You can read and comment on the reviews if you choose. Once you are finished with reading the review(s), click on the "Close Reviews" link under the catalogue record summary and the reviews will disappear.

ChiliFresh read reviews

To add a review, either click on the "“[Number of] reviews" or "Write a Review" link (see images above). Both of these links will open a login box. You can register, use your Facebook or Twitter login or review anonymously.


ChiliFresh login

Regardless of which option you choose - login or anonymous, (you contact details are kept confidential), you will eventually end up at the add review screen, which is where you can type in your review.

ChiliFresh type review


Fill in your rating (this will determine how many stars the item gets), the title and your review and then click Yes or No for your recommendation. When you are done entering data, you can see how it will look by clicking Preview. When you are finished, click the "Add Review" button to submit your entry.

All reviews are moderated, so they won't appear on the catalogue until they have been approved by library staff.