Better notifications

You can now get your courtesy reminders by SMS and overdue notices by email or SMS.

Your library has already been sending holds notifications via both SMS and email and courtesy reminders via email for some time and as of Tuesday 19th February, these additional options will be added.

If you already have SMS or email as your notification preference on your membership, this will happen for you automatically.

If you would like to receive email or SMS:

  • holds notifications (your ordered title is ready to collect)
  • courtesy reminders (your items are due in 3 days)
  • overdue noticies (your items are a week or more overdue),

please contact library staff and give them your name, your library card number, your preferred form of contact (email or SMS) and the mobile number or email address. 

Only one delivery option is possible - it is either email, SMS or mail.

If you don't like email or SMS notifications, you will still continue to receive holds notifications and overdue notices via the mail - courtesy reminders are not possible in this form.

If you have any queries, please contact your library, or use our feedback form.

~ Michelle