Margery C Ramsay Scholarship - Congratulations to Sarah Bingle

We are proud to announce that Sarah Bingle, Casey-Cardinia Library’s Early Years Outreach Officer (Library has Legs) is the recipient of the Margery C. Ramsay Scholarship. The award is presented by the Library Board of Victoria to develop leadership potential in the public library sector.

Sarah’s application Strengthening the Cultural Identity of Communities through Libraries aims to ensure that, in working together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to access, celebrate and preserve their cultural heritage, public libraries will contribute to a deeper community awareness and understanding of Aboriginal culture, maintaining this unique history for future generations. The scholarship includes secondments to the Northern Territory library service, and to the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages.

The Library has Legs is a Cultural Literacy program, and is funded through Windermere’s Communities for Children Cranbourne.

  From left: The State Library’s CEO Kate Torney ; Shirley Ramsay, Margery’s sister; Sarah Bingle; and Maxine McKew , a member of the Library Board of Victoria