Borrowbox iOS update

Borrowbox iOS users will be pleased to know there is a new update for the app, offering faster speed and improved features, including:

  • Borrow in just one tap by deactivating the loan confirmation dialogue box in the settings.
  • Access your loans faster via the new notification centre widget. Swipe down from the top of the screen, scroll down, press Edit and add the BorrowBox widget.
  • Browse and search on your Apple Watch.
  • Beautiful banners highlight the best content on offer, so that you can find your next read faster.
  • eBook Reader Accessibility. If you are blind or vision impaired and use VoiceOver to control your device you can now read eBooks with ease.
  • Dyslexic Font. Readers with dyslexia can now choose the Dyslexic font in the eBook reader to increase readability.

Please note this latest upgrade is for iOS (Apple) users only.