New catalogue search option - Language Note

To make it easier to find either works in other languages, translated works or AV titles with subtitles, we have added an additional search feature to the catalogue - Language Note.

On the search bar line, click on the down arrow next to All Fields and click on Language Note.

Language Note

In the search box, enter the language you want to search for. 

eg. 1  Language Note setting and search of German will display titles that have German subtitles or that were translated from German
eg. 2  Language Note setting and search Italian DVD will display titles that are in Italian or have Italian subtitles.

To find out which of these applies for a particular item, click on the title and on the full record screen, scroll down to see the information next to Language Note.

To find the most tiles, remember to also change the Library from Casey-Cardinia Libraries to All Libraries.

PS. Not all items in a particular language will be found this way.  An All Fields search with the language as the search term will find all that are in the catalogue.

~ Michelle