Scanning on library photocopiers - save or send

PhotocopierCCLC Library photocopiers not only copy, they can also now scan, with output able to be saved or sent.  On CCLC photocopiers you can:

  • Scan to USB
  • Scan to email

The cost is the same, regardless of whether it is USB or email - 20 cents per page, regardless of size and whether it is Black and White or Colour.  Access to CCLC photocopiers is with a current CCLC library card.

To scan to USB, you need to connect your USB, after you have logged into the photocopier.  Once you have selected scan to external device - the document(s) will be saved to your USB with the specifications you choose.

To scan to email, after you have logged in to the photocoper, select Scan, then Email and then use Direct Input to enter the email address you want to send to.  You can set your specifications (eg. colour, paper size, etc), but you can not add anything else to the sending email.  The email will be sent by the photocopier's email address.

Both of these processes are very straightforward and instructions are available near the photocopiers, but if you need help, please ask library staff.

~ Michelle