Zinio for Libraries app - the latest update

Zinio for Libraries appThe new Zinio for Libraries app is out and it now allows you to login via the app, rather than just using it as a reader once e-magazines have been borrowed.

However, the complete functionality of Zinio still does not reside entirely in the app, so you will end up with a combination of app and website interactions when using it.  

To help you navigate the new interactions, here is how it works.

For existing users:

  1. Login to the Zinio for Libraries using the email address and password for your Zinio account
  2. Any magazines you have already checked out, will be there for you to download and read
  3. If you wish to checkout/browse more magazines, tap Checkout Magazines at the bottom right of the Zinio for Libraries main page
  4. Your device will open the Zinio website in a browser.  Tap Zinio e-magazines.
  5. Browse or search, then when you find a magazine issue you want, tap the title and then tap the blue Checkout button below the magazine details.
  6. Once you have successfully checked out the title, close the web browser and return to the app
  7. Drag the screen down with your finger - this will refresh the app and display your newly borrowed magazine.  (you may need to do this a couple of times, or wait a few minutes).

For new users:

  1. Go to the library website, open the e-Books page (in the top menu bar), then follow the links to e-magazines with Zinio
  2. At top right, click Create New Account
  3. Start the registration process by entering your current library card number and then entering other details as requested
  4. Once you have registered, you can borrow e-magazines through the website, or download the Zinio for Libraries app from the App Store or the Play Store and then follow the steps as for existing users.

~ Michelle