UPDATE: As of 9pm Friday evening, all services have been restored to Pakenham Library.  All phones, internet, Wi-Fi and the Library System will be accessible for normal weekend opening hours.

However, we still have two days backlog of returns to clear, which will take some time.  We will process these before the weekend is over and all borrower records will be up-to-date by Monday.

All returns will be backdated to Wednesday 28th October, to ensure no one is penalised by this unforeseen situation.

Again, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

~ Michelle

Unfortunately Pakenham Library is experiencing a serious data communications outage.  No public computer access and Wi-Fi will be available over the weekend (31/10 - 1/11), however the Library will still be open for you to borrow and return items. The problem is being worked on as a matter of urgency.  Feel free to contact any of our branches for advice or information.   

If you get a courtesy reminder or overdue and have returned your items already, please note that not all items have been cleared from library cards at this time.  Please check again once after we have communication re-established - it may take us a few days to catch up and bring all our records up-to-date.

NOTE: All items will be backdated when returned, so you will not be penalised for any excess days due to this issue.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

~ Michelle