CAD, House plan and Statistical software now at Narre & Pakenham

As part of our Community Technology Access, we NOW have available an additional public PC at both Narre Warren (Chakotay) and Pakenham (Austen). These PCs are Windows based and have the following specialist software on them: 

Designer Pro Plus

  • Design and generate your own house plans
  • Do a 3D Walk through of those plans


Used in conjunction with Designer Pro Plus, but with the features of a basic professional drafting software package – this package can be used on its own for designing things other than houses


Software package for data analysis, data management and graphics

The PCs also have all our standard public internet software on them, including browsers and Microsoft Office and are available to use as an internet/office PC at any time, with the usual booking limits etc. They can be booked as usual through PC Reservation. Ask staff if you need an extended booking time.

The specialist software packages are available for library members who have a need/interest in the software. If you would are interested, but don't know how to use them there is online available for all these software packages and links to the manuals on the desktop of the two PCs.  

~ Michelle