Learn a new language from your mobile device

Learn to speak, read, write and understand a new language at your own pace for free today with Transparent Languages Online, where all languages are now available on mobile devices.
You can learn to say hello, and ask for directions, purchase items or buy tickets for a journey, building up to an entire conversation.
You can even learn on the go with the Transparent Languages Online app where you can learn a new word every day. Sound clips are included to listen for pronunciation and the word is helpfully used in a sentence.
New features for Transparent Learning Online:
·         All languages now available on mobile devices
·         Learned items – allowing you to check what you have covered, and how you can refresh your knowledge of the language
·         Website and app synchronisation – you can now start a lesson in the Byki app and finish it on your computer
Start learning a new language today, for FREE! Click on Online Resources, Languages and Transparent Language Online and login with your library card to get it all setup.