Exploring the world of Audiobooks

Our audiobooks come in a variety of formats now.  Here is an explanation of the formats, to help you discover and best utilise this wonderful collection.

CDs - The vast majority of our audiobook collection comes as CDs.  These are the same as music CDs and can be played on any CD player, including those in computers.  Depending on the title, the number of disks can range from one to sixteen and occasionally even more.  There is no limit on the number of these audiobooks you can borrow and you can borrow them for four weeks.

MP3 logoMP3 CDs - We have a growing range of MP3 CDs.  These look the same as our usual audiobook CDs, but because they are closely related to CD-Roms they can contain a lot more content.  Therefore you will usually find they only have one or two disks and the audiobook case will have an MP3 logo of some sort on it.  The titles are still complete and are not abridged in any way, it is the way the content has been created that makes a difference in the number of disks. They will play on most newer CD players (last 5 years), but there will be exceptions. It's worth a try if you are not sure.  There is also no loan limit on these audiobooks and you can borrow them for four weeks.

playawayPlayways - These are small self-contained players that have one audiobook title on them.  The device is battery powered and all it requires is for you to plug in some headphones and you can listen to the audiobook, all on the one device.  It has its own controls, meaning you can stop, play, move forward and backward etc. It does not require any other equipment, besides the headphones and as it uses batteries (supplied by the library), has no need for mains power. Playways come in distinctive orange cases. Why not give one a try? Playways also have no loan limit and can be borrowed for four weeks.

borrowboxe-Audiobooks - For those who like digital or who use devices like MP3 players, iPods or smartphones, then our e-audiobooks is a good option. The library makes these available to borrow through Bolinda, who also publish large print books and audiobook CDs.  They come in MP3 file format and can be found on our catalogue or through the e-books page on our website.  You can download them to your computer or laptop and then transfer them to your device, or you can listen to them on the Borrowbox app for smart phones and/or tablets (available for both Apple and Android devices). You can borrow four titles in a two week period and the loan period is two weeks.  For more information on e-audiobooks and to learn about e-books check out e-books on the library website.

If you enjoy listening to audiobooks, or think you would like to give them a try, you should find an option to suit.  If you need any more help, please contact us or ask your library staff.

~ Michelle