Internet Policy for teens aged 13-17

Laptop handsFrom 28 January 2014, library members aged 13-17 years will require parental permission to access the library internet computers.

Parents or guardians will need to come into the library to authorise use of the internet. This permission will be given once and then recorded on the member's card.

Teenage and young adult cards without recorded permission will not work on our computer booking system after 28 January 2014.

The new policy has been introduced following considerable review of issues around internet security and safety for teenage and young adult members, and will bring Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation internet policies into line with many other Victorian and Australian Libraries.

By introducing this change we can retain our free and open access to internet services while providing parents with the ability to exercise choice over their children's internet access.

Our existing internet access policies will remain the same, including those for children under 13, who require a parent to book them on the internet and supervise their sessions.

If you have any queries about our policies, please talk to our staff or use our feedback form.

~ Michelle