More e-books - from a new supplier

Axis 360Your Library has added another supplier to its range of e-books titles to borrow and download. 

As well as our existing collection of 1950 e-book titles from Bolinda, we have now added another 600+ through another supplier - Axis 360.

These new titles have been individually selected by our Collections' Librarians and cover a wide range of topics, from fiction through non-fiction and for adult, teens and kids.

The Magic Wall is the centre of the new Axis 360 e-books, with a display of rotating titles. Click on a title you are interested in to begin the borrowing process. As the number of titles on display is limited, we encourage you to use the Search box or the Browse by Subject tab at the top of the screen.

There are similarities between your library's two e-book providers, including:

  • You can borrow four titles from Axis 360 - this is on top of the four that you can borrow from Bolinda.
  • The loan period is also two weeks.
  • If you are using a computer or e-reader, then you will still use Adobe Digital Editions to download your e-books to your computer and then to your e-reader.  
  • You can also still place holds and you will be notified when they become available.
  • They can NOT be downloaded to Kindles - due to Amazon's licensing restrictions, unless it is a Kindle Fire.

There are also some distinct differences with this new service:

  • You need a different app - the Axis Reader app.
  • You can return titles early - but only through Adobe Digital Editions - not on the app.
  • If you return titles early (through Adobe Digital Editions), you can then borrow more titles to replace those returned (up to the limit of four)
  • You can NOT renew titles - but you can borrow them again after they expire (if they are not on hold).
  • You are NOT notified when your loan is about to expire.
  • You can place as many holds as you wish, but can only borrow them if you have not borrowed up to your four title limit.

More help is available via the User Guide and Troubleshooting Guide.  You can find both our e-books and helpful information through our e-books page or via the drop-down menu under Online Resources.


~ Michelle