More free music to download!

FreegalOur free music download service, Freegal!, has released a new interface and a whole lot more new content. Features of the new site include:

  • A new search interface, search engine and browsing - making it so much easier to finds the songs and artists you are interested in
  • More than double the content, with over 7 million songs from over 28,000 labels, including Sony Australia (in over 90 genres of music - so there is something for everyone)
  • Music videos - with over 10,000 available and more being added monthly (many with additional content beyond the song itself)
  • Other additional features, including wishlist for future downloads, backing up of songs from the app to iTunes and being able to delete songs from the app.

You can now access Freegal to browse, without having to login first.  However, to actually download either a song or video, you must login with your library card.  The app's improved functionality will also help make this a more useful option for those with mobile devices.

There is a limit of three songs per week, with videos counting as two songs out of your allotment. 

And all content from Freegal is Digital Rights Management FREE and yours to KEEP!

Check out the new interface, find your favourite songs and your favourite artists and get downloading.

Happy listening!

~ Michelle