Catch this cab!

New Mobile Library cabCardinia Mobile Library has a new prime mover, to take it over the hills and along the coastline of Cardinia Shire.

The new cab, a DAF FT CF85 Prime Mover is already hard at work, taking the Mobile Library around to all eleven sites.

Mobile Library staff are appreciating the extra grunt for all those steep hills and the improved horn will let you know if you get in the way whilst it is in transit.

The trailer remains the same, so its just the cab that has changed.

For those that are interested, here are the specs at a glance:

GVM 17400kg
GCM 45000kg
Max Output: 460hp at 1500-1900 rpm
Max Torque Up to 1695 lb/ft (2300 Nm) at 1000-1410rpm

So watch around the roads of Cardinia Shire for the new workhorse, carrying all those great items to borrow, browse, place on hold and download.

~ Michelle