A new look for your local Libraries

Inspiring spacesCasey Cardinia Libraries have launched a new brand which better reflects the values and identity of the organisation. 

The new brand challenges the traditional perceptions of a library: Libraries are contemporary and vibrant community hubs that are inclusive of the whole community. They are places that have the most up to date technologies and are more than just books.

We have also developed a new vision that reflects our aspirations and the role of CCL in our local community:

‘Inspiring spaces where everyone is free to discover possibilities’

Together with our vision, we have also developed a new set of values (guiding principles) and supporting behaviors that will help form the foundation for the next phase of Casey Cardinia Libraries. They are:


     We excel when we all contribute. We are loyal and dedicated to each other. We always do our fair share

     Love of Learning

     We love new things. We believe there is an opportunity to learn anywhere and everywhere


     We treat all people fairly. We do not let our personal feelings bias our decisions about others. We give everyone a chance.


     Thinking new ways to do things is crucial to our success. We are never content doing things the conventional way if we believe a better way is available.

     Social Intelligence

     We are aware of the motives and feelings of other people. We know what to do to fit into different situations and we know what to do to put others at ease.


     We like to laugh, bringing smiles to other people. We try to see the light side of all situations.

The new brand will be progressively rolled out over the next 3 months across the various library services.