Loans, renewals and holds

All your loans and holds are recorded under My Account. You can:

  • Check what you have on loan and when the items are due
  • Renew items (if not overdue, previously renewed or on hold for another borrower)
  • Check what you have on hold and which titles are available to collect (if any)
  • Suspend and/or cancel holds
  • See what fines are owing and for which items (these can only be paid at the library)

To do so you must first Login.

1.    Go to the library website at

2.    Click on the link to the catalogue at the top of the screen

Catalogue link


3.    Click on the Log In at the top right of the catalogue screen.

Log in


The login box appears as a pop-up, so you must have these enabled on your PC.


Login box

4.    Type in your User ID and PIN and click the Login button.

5.    Once you are logged in, you will see your name and a link to Log Out at the top right of the screen. 

Logged in

6.    Click on the My Account link at the top right of screen.

My account


7.    The My Account page has several tabs, and also a summary of checkouts, holds and fines.

My Account page



Loans list


  1. The list gives the titles you have on loan, a cover image (where available), the author and its due date. If there is a special note, this will appear in Red below the title. In the example above, you can see that some titles have already been renewed and another has holds on it, so none of these titles can be renewed and will have to be returned by their due date, otherwise will incur fines.
  1. For those items you wish to renew and can, click in the box next to the title(s) and then click the Renew button.


  1. A pop-up box appears, asking you to confirm that you are renewing the selected items - click Yes to confirm.

Renewal confirmation


  1. The pop-up box disappears and your renewed titles will now have their updated due date and a red reminder letting you know that they will not be able to renewed again.

Renewed items



(to place holds - see our Search and Place Holds helpsheet)


  1. Click on the Holds Tab at the top of the My Account screen.

Holds list

  1. Your current holds will be listed, as will, with the title, author, hold status and pickup location.

Holds available

  1. Any holds that are available for collection will be marked with a green exclamation point.
  1. CANCEL HOLDS - You can cancel holds, by ticking in the box next to the title(s) and clicking the Cancel Holds button.
  1. EDIT PICK-UP LOCATION - You can change the library you want to collect your holds from, by ticking in the box next to the title(s) and clicking the Edit Pickup Location(s).  In the pop-up box, click on the down arrow and then on the library you wish to collect your hold from, then click the Change button. The pop-up box then disappears and your hold will be updated.

Holds pickup location


  1. SUSPEND HOLD - If you are going away for any length of time, but don’t want to miss out on your holds, you can suspend them. The holds will not be filled during this suspended time, but will resume after the suspension period is over. Click in the box next to the title(s) you wish to suspend, then click the Suspend Hold(s) button. A pop-up box appears - enter the start and finish dates for your absence, using the calendars provided.

Holds suspend


Then click the Suspend button.


Overdues and Fines

If an item is not returned by its due date, it falls overdue the next day. You can not renew an item online once it is overdue, however, if you contact your library, they may be able to renew it for you, as long as:

·         it is not too far overdue

·         it has not been renewed before

·         it has not been requested by another borrower

Fines are payable for every day that items are overdue.

If you have any items overdue, the summary at the top of your Checkouts listing will tell you how many titles and the overdue titles will be marked with a  red exclamation point.

Overdue items


You can check what fines are outstanding, AT THAT TIME, for the overdue items, by clicking on the Fines Tab.

Fines tab

In this section, it lists the fines that are owed, as of that day, on the items you have overdue.

Fines list

The totals are not finalised and can not be paid until the items are either renewed (if possible) or returned, so these totals are only a guide.

If you think you have already paid fines, you can click on the Payment History link (at bottom), to see the record of what fines you have paid and for which items.