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Bookfish is a fun way for kids to find books that they might enjoy.
It works by matching your personal preferences to what others say about the books and then connecting you to the library catalogue so you can order them. 



All Branches have separate collections of Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC) titles for browsing. To find titles on the catalogue, do a search for "Premiers Reading Challenge" and the age range you are looking for. eg. Prep 2, Year 3 4, etc.

For more information on the program, visit the PRC website.


We have a wide range of titles for children from our two e-book suppliers.
Check them out through our e-book page or find selected titles through our catalogue.
They are free to borrow with your library card.

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Your library has children's titles in a range of languages including:

We also have a range of bi-lingual picture books to borrow.