Searching and placing holds

You must be logged in to the catalogue to place holds. You can either do that before you begin searching, or after you have found the item(s) you wish to place on hold.

To do so you must first Login.

1.    Go to the library website at

2.    Click on the link to the catalogue at the top of the screen

Catalogue link


3.    Click on the Log In at the top right of the catalogue screen.

Log in


The login box appears as a pop-up, so you must have these enabled on your PC.

Login box

4.    Type in your User ID and PIN and click the Login button.

5.    Once you are logged in, you will see your name and a link to Log Out at the top right of the screen. 

Logged in


6.    Go to the search box in the middle of the screen and type in your search terms.

Search box


Some hints:

  • If you know the title, even if you are unsure of the spelling, change All Fields to Title (to the left of the search box, click on the arrow next to All Fields and click on Title)
  • If you know the author, even if you are unsure the spelling, change All Fields to Author (to the left of the search box, click on the arrow next to All Fields and click on Author)
  • If you don’t find what you are looking for, try some different search terms

All fields


7.    If you find multiple items match your search terms, you will get a results page, like this:

Search results


8.    The summary tells you the title, author and how many copies are available across all the libraries in our catalogue. To see if a copy is available at a Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation library, click on the title you are interested in.  The title record will appear in a pop-up box. Scroll down to see all the libraries who hold the title - if it is available at any given library, it will be listed as “On-shelf” and will give a general area where it can be found.


Item record


9.    If a copy is not available at your local library and you would like to get the title in to collect from your local library, click on the Place Hold button at the top of the title record.

Holds button



10.  As you are already logged in, a pop-up box will appear, just asking you to confirm which library you would like to collect the title from, when it is ready. If the library listed is not the one you want to collect your hold from, click on the arrow next to the branch name and change it. Then click Place Hold.

Place hold

11.  You will get another popup screen, confirming that the hold has been placed.

Holds confirm


12.  You can then double check that the hold has been placed successfully, by going to My Account.

Check holds

13.  Click Holds.  The hold you just placed will be somewhere  in the list.  If not, try placing the hold again. Otherwise, please contact library staff.

Holds list





  • If your search gives you too many results, you can narrow your results by format, date, availability and more - use the Limit Search Results options at the left hand side of the results screen (scroll down for more options)
  • You now have the option to place more than one hold simultaneously. From the results list, tick the box next to the cover image of each title you wish to place a hold on and then click on the Place Hold button on any title. Enter the details as required and a hold will be placed on all titles you have ticked  (assuming they are all able to be put on hold)