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Thea Stilton: Big Trouble in the Big Apple

Type of story: Mystery

Tell us about it: The Thea sisters, Collete, Nicky, Pamela, Violet and Paulina go to New York for Nicky's marathon. In this story, the Thea sisters are staying with Pamela's family in the pizza shop. Meanwhile someone has been telling people to move out. The Thea sisters are very curious. Read this story and you will find out.

How good was it? Fantastic

Review by Naomi Yong, age: 10 

The Peculiar Pumpkin Thief by Geronimo Stilton

Type of Story: Mystery

Tell us about it: Someone steals everything that is ready for Halloween  They open a big Halloween party and trap everyone while they steal things from peoples houses!

How good was it? Fantastic

Review by Mirai Tanabe, age 10

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made by Stephan Pastis

The main character in this novel is Timmy Failure. Timmy is the CEO of a detective agency which has its headquarters in his mother's wardrobe. The agency consists of Timmy and his colleague, a make-believe polar bear called Total, which makes the name of his agency Total Failure Inc.

Timmy and Total blunder from case to case, attempting to solve crimes with hilarious results, always missing the obvious. No case is too small or too large for them.

Great fun.

 - Ann

Popular Books for Girls

Hi Everyone,

Check out some of these great books for girls! Let me know if you can suggest some others and I'll add to our slideshow!



Winner of the CBCA Book for Younger Readers.

England is at war and for their safety city children are being sent to the countryside.  Fourteen year old Jeremy and his sister Cecily, twelve, are sent with their mother to stay with Uncle Peregrine in a stately manor.  On the spur of the moment they offer Heron Hall to ten year old May, an evacuee whose father is a soldier fighting overseas in France, and whose mother is working in a factory making parachutes.

Jeremy wants to DO SOMETHING, not sit back in the countryside, safe. So while he devours the newspapers and the stories of the war, Cecily and May roam the Hall’s grounds and discover the ruins of Snow Castle. Here they discover two boys. Are they evacuees trying to find their way back to London? Or are they much more?

Uncle Peregrine begins to tell the story of greedy kings and devious brothers, and of how two young boys are locked in a tower, all for the lust for power.  This tale is woven into the lives of those in Heron Hall. Could the boys in the ruins of Snow Castle be the two princes?

A strange mix of an old fashioned adventure tale combined with a ghost story; it is also about the loss of innocence. Each of the children has to grow up and face facts.  Jeremy who has to understand that he is still only a child, May has to accept her new life and even spoilt and brat-like Cecily has to understand the impact that war has on her family and those around her.

A good read recommended for those in the older primary years. It tells not only of war and how power corrupts, it also tells the tale of how so many children were taken from their homes, removed from their families and loved ones.

Vicki @ Pakenham

Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries  by Rachel Renee Russell

Type of Story: Funny

This is a work of art peoples :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How good was it? Fantastic

Review by Nellie Kathleen Holder, age 9

Mixed Vegetables Volume 1

Mixed Vegetables Volume 1 by Ayumi Komura 
Hanayu can't forget the delicious taste of the egg roll sushi she had when she was a small child. Although her parents own a bakery, Hanayu dreams of owning her own sushi shop. She will have to take over her parents' bakery instead, or her parents will be disappointed in her. At Oikawa High School in cooking classes she meets Hayato Hyuga, the son of a sushi chef. Hyuga - kun wants to run a bakery. They both have dreams for their futures, but how will they make their dreams come to life?

How good was it? Fantastic

Review by Kumiko Chiba, age 13


We can’t tell you who we are. Or where we live. It’s too risky And we've got to be careful. But everyone is in danger. Yeah…even you!
Series: The invasion, The visitor, The encounter, The message, The predator, The capture

Sometimes strange things happen. Just ask Jake. One night he and four of his friends take a short cut through an abandoned construction site only to find themselves face to face with a real life alien. Now nothing will be normal again. Earth is under attack, being invaded by slimy slug aliens who crawl into your brain and control you. Now it is up to Jake and his friends to be the only form of human resistance against this invasion. Their only weapon…morphing; the ability to morph into any animals whose DNA they've acquired through touch. Can five kids save the world against an evil greater than anything they ever imagined?

The Animorphs series is an adventurous and exciting read. The books alternate between points of view with each Animorph narrating, so it never gets boring as each of the Animorphs have unique characteristics. The reader not only gets to enter a world of action and adventure but also the animal kingdom as the kids morph into everything from a lizard to a Siberian tiger. I originally read this series when I was a kid and now with the reprints I am re-reading and enjoying the adventure all over again. This series is defiantly a classic and worth a read.

Happy reading,

Courtney :)

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