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The Day the Crayons Quit

The Day the Crayons Quit
Author: Drew Daywalt

It is hilarious. All the crayons saying bad things, good things, angry things, sad things. All the different colours say different things.
How good was it? Fantastic
Age: 7

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Title: The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop
Author: Kate Saunders
Type of story: Fantasy
A family have inherited a magical chocolate shop and long ago it's famous chocolate makers were clever sorcerers. Now evil villains are hunting the secret of their greatest recipe. The children are swept into a thrilling battle helped by an invisible cat, a talking rat and the ghost of an elephant.
How good was it? Fantastic
Age: 8

Welcome to Planet 51

Welcome to Planet 51
Author: Gail Herman
Type of story: Fantasy
There was a planet named Planet 51. There people were green, They did what humans do like going to school, watching movies, and shopping in stores. Lem was the first regular teenager. He worked in the planetarium. He loved space .
How good was it? Fantastic
Age: 8

Princess of the Sands

Trickstars: Princess of the Sands
Author: Karen Wood
Type of story: Adventure
The author explained about hope , courage and compassion in a beautiful kind way, and it also shows good friendship. The story goes around three sisters, a friend and horses. One of the sisters was nearly drowning then a friend had a courage and hope to save her but she hasn't helped her completely. Then the sisters grandpa saved both girls and their horses.
How good was it? Fantastic
Your age: 7

The Big Book of Old Tom

The Big Book of Old Tom
Author: Leigh Hobbs
Type of story: Fantasy
This book is really amazing. The main characters in this book were Old Tom and Angela.There are about four stories in one book. Bye and enjoy!
How good was it? Fantastic
Gowri Age: 8

Timmy Failure: Sanitized for your Protection

'Timmy Failure: Sanitized for your Protection' is the fourth in the series by Stephan Pastis and follows on from the triumph of his earlier Timmy Failure books.

Our detective hero and his polar bear are on the trail of yet another mystery - the theft of over one hundred dollars fundraising money that was raised to help a boy, Yergi Plinkin, whom none of them have met.

As usual, mayhem is the order of the day as Timmy is involved in a road trip (not of his choice).
Timmy is forced into dancing cheek to cheek with Molly Moskins, the girl who he describes as 'a hoodlum without a hood.'  'She would steal the fur from a bear. The scales from a fish. And a fish from a scale' he adds.

In an unforeseen turn of events, he and Molly end up in a bridal suite in a hotel, which he mistakenly understands to be a bridle suite, and promptly demands a horse.

It all adds up to a lot of confusion and fun as Timmy lurches from one encounter to the next.
Brilliant illustrations add to the story and the bright lime green cover stands out in a crowd!

Go Timmy!



Title: Atlas
Author: RuFuS

This C.D has 11 songs on it. The light/dark deluxe edition of Atlas has 2 discs on it. The second disk has the same songs but some of the songs are remixes.
The lead vocal in in RUFUS is: Tyrone Lindqvist. I would give the song called 'Take Me' a: 10/10.
The library doesn't have Atlas, but you can buy the C.D at JB- HIFI.
How good was it? Fantastic

Sam Age: 11
Hi Sam we do have the CD at the Library - click on "Atlas" and follow the link.

The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey

The Big Bad Wolf decides it's time to turn his life around. He has a criminal record that includes, amongst other things, stealing nighties and slippers. He now wants to give up his evil ways and do good deeds. He teams up with a reluctant and dodgy group of friends who also have criminal backgrounds.

There's Mr Snake whose criminal status is deemed 'very dangerous'. Snake's nasty deeds include breaking and entering a pet store and eating mice, canaries, guinea pigs and a police dog.
His address is unknown and he has no known associates.

Next we have Mr Piranha who is part of a criminal gang which includes over 900,000 of his relatives. Piranha's address is the Amazon River and he is responsible for eating a large number of tourists.

Lastly but not leastly is Mr Shark. His nickname is Jaws and his status is 'ridiculously dangerous.'

This highly unlikely group, led by Mr Wolf, form a gang called the 'Good Guys Club'.
They decide that they will become heroes (actually Mr Wolf decides for them all).

Read what happens when a kitten becomes stuck up a tree, and when wolf comes up with the cunning and devious plan to rescue 200 dogs from the dog pound.

Put this book on your must read list!!

Great fun.


The Mystery of the Midnight Rider

Title: The Mystery of the Midnight Rider ( Nancy Drew Diaries)
Author: Carolyn Keene
Type of story: Mystery

This intriguing story is now one of my favourite books. The Mystery of the Midnight Rider is about someone trying to sabotage one of the riders in a important event. Nancy, Bess, George, Payton (rider) and Ned are trying to figure out who was the culprit behind all of the sabotage. But the culprit is not always the person you expect...
Read this AWESOME book to find out. I recommend this to 10 and over kids who love mystery books!!!
How good was it? Fantastic

 Sithmi (Library adventures club)
Your age: 11

The Last Straw

Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid:the Last Straw
Author: Jeff Kinney
Type of story: Funny
I recommend the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series for all ages. There is nothing more hilarious. Greg is almost on summer holidays when his dad enlists him in soccer and boy scouts. Greg doesn't want to participate though and sneaks off. But when his dad threatens to send him to military academy, he has to participate. This book is just one in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book/reading series.
How good was it? Fantastic

Age: 10

Cabin Fever

Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Cabin Fever
Author: Jeff Kinney
Type of story: Funny

I recommend this book for all ages.
Greg and his family are stuck indoors because of a huge blizzard and Greg's family is driving him crazy. Not even the toughest critic can keep a still face. Greg and his family are always getting into funny situations.This book is just one book in the funny cartoon/reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.
How good was it? Fantastic

Age: 10

George's Marvellous Medicine

Title:George's Marvellous Medicine
Author: Roald Dahl
Type of story: Funny

George is eight years old and does not like his grandma because she is very unkind. George wants to teach his grandma a lesson so he makes a medicine and thinks that his grandma will hate it but to his surprise she loves it and wants more!!!
How good was it? Fantastic

KavirAge: 8

The Gruffalo

Title: The Gruffalo
Author: Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

This story is about a mouse,fox,owl,snake and gruffalo. The mouse tricks all the animals in the deep dark wood. The mouse thinks that the gruffalo does not exist but at the end the mouse gets a real shock!!
How good was it? Fantastic

Age: 8

The magic faraway tree

The magic faraway tree- Enid Blyton

Type of story: Adventure

Tell us about it: It was a great book all about three kids who go to a magical woods. I recommend this book. I give it a ✨✨✨✨✨ ( 5 star rating)

How good was it: Fantastic

Bethany Elphinstone (Age 8)

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins
Author: P.L Travers

I liked this book a lot. And if you are wondering, this book is nothing like the movie in fact, it is even better than the movie. In the book the kid's nanny quit her job because she did not like children. But later a woman named Mary Poppins was hired to be their new nanny. The children loved her and did not want her to leave so Mary said that she would leave when the wind changes. While Mary Poppins was there the children, they did so many things like talking to zoo animals and even flying at a tea party. But when the wind changed it was time for her to leave. She left the children without saying goodbye but leaving a letter that says " Au revoir "
How good was it? Fantastic
Type of story: Fantasy

12 years old

Diary of a wimpy kid

Title: Diary of a wimpy kid
Author: Jeff Kinney
Type of story: Funny

Tell us about it:
Diary of a wimpy kid is one of my favourite books. The way he author makes the characters
 "scream" and the way that he does ? and ! on their heads really makes me laugh.
it is a great book.

How good was it? Fantastic

Age 9

Rowan of Rin

Title: Rowan of Rin #1
Author: Emily Rodda
Type of story: Adventure

Tell us about it: Rowan is so afraid of the dragon who lives on top of the mountain. But he, John,
Marlie, Bronden, Val, Ellis, and Allun have to hike the mountain. Their mission is to find out why there hasn't been water flowing down it for so long. Rowan was given a map & poems to support the companions on their way. On the way, all but Rowan were left behind and returned home. Now it was Rowan that had to defeat the dragon, but instead he pulled a bone that was stuck in its tooth. With a roar of fire, the dragon melted the ice on the mountain. Rowan came back unharmed and Rin was saved.

How good was it? Fantastic

Age 12

Geronimo Stilton: The dragon Prophecy

Title: Geronimo Stilton: The Dragon Prophecy
Author: Geronimo Stilton
Type of story: Adventure

Tell us about it: A mouse named Geronimo Stilton realized that someone said he was a knight with a dragon mark on his paw. Geronimo goes on a crazy adventure to find a stolen dragon egg. A frog, a princess, and two dragons join Geronimo to help on his adventure before the evil dragons take over the Kingdom of Silver Dragons.

How good was it? Fantastic

Age 13