ILL or Purchase Request

Before you lodge an Library Link Victoria (LLV) purchase/ILL request, make sure that you have done the following:

  1. Check the library catalogue. If not successful, double check details through an internet search
  2. Search ALL LIBRARIES in the catalogue.
  3. If not found, log in to Library Link Victoria (below) with your library card number and PIN and do a search there.

There are a number of things to be mindful of when searching LLV:

  • It can return incorrect results - make sure you go into the details of the records it finds to see if it is really what you want
  • Libraries Australia records can be out-of-date, so it may not be available anymore

If you submit a request through Library Link Victoria, it will help us to do so more quickly if you can please submit:

  • Format.  DVD, CD, Magazine, Book etc.
  • Old or new?
  • Release date, starring, directed by (for DVDs)
  • Where you saw/found out about it
  • Whether you are willing to pay an Inter Library Loan charge. There is a charge of $16.50 for Inter Library Loans from libraries other than Victorian public libraries.
  • Whether you want to proceed if the item can only be used in the library and not taken home
  • If another title on the same subject is OK or it must be this specific one?

Please include the library you would like to collect your request from, in the comments box.

Continue on to Library Link Victoria.

If you CAN NOT find the title in either the catalogue or Library Link Victoria, please use the Create Request option in Library Link Victoria - you must login and do a search for an item first, before the Create Request link appears.